Kentucky's German Americans in the Civil War

Some Louisville Germans in 24th Illinois Infantry Regiment

Bingmann, Otto, 21, Pvt. Co. K, discharged for disability Aug. 18, 1862

Burg, Henry, 21, Pvt., Co. F,  Killed at Chattanooga, Tenn,. June 7, 1862

Hadra, Edward, 28, Cpl. Co. K, discharged for disability May 6, 1863

Herdt, Lorenz, 29,  Pvt. Co. K, transferred to 14th Army Corps Headquarters

Goetzman, Sigmund, 23, Pvt., Co. G, mustered in Sept. 24, 1861, mustered out October 1, 1864

Kaufmann, Jacob, 42, Pvt. Co. K, deserted July 29, 1863

Maier, Isadore, 23. Pvt. Co., K, died in Andersonville Proison camp, Ga., Aug 14, 1864 1 

Germans from Kentucky Serving in the 32nd (First German) Indiana Infantry Regiment

Bayer, Charles, 42, Pvt. & Hospital Steward, Co. A, wounded mustered out Sept. 7, 1864

Bohn, George Peter, 22, Co. A, wounded at Liberty Gap, and discharged as disabled Dec. 14, 1863

Bollenger, Pvt., Co. H. discharged Oct. 20, 1861 disability

Boss, Frederick, 18, Sgt., Co. A, discharged for disability Nov. 1, 1862 (Born Hesse-Kassel)

Brand, Daniel F., 22, 1st Sgt., Co. A, mustered out Sept. 7, 1864

Braun, Herman, 27, Co. C, captured at Chickamaiga, mustered out March 24, 1865

Elble, Joseph, Pvt., Co.H, mustered in Feb. 8, 1862, discgarged May 26, 1864.

Fischer, Dr. Charles A., Chaplain, resigned Oct. 9, 1862 (Born in Saxony)

Kratzer, Charles, 25, Pvt. Co. A, mustered out Sept. 7, 1864

Mehr, Andreas, 19, Cpl., Co. K, mustered out Sept. 6, 1864 (Born in Baden)

Metzner, Adolph, 26, Capt. Co. K, mustered out Sept. 7, 1864 (Born in Baden)

Rautenbusch. Henry, 28, Pvt. Co. B., deserted Oct. 20, 1862 (Born in Prussia)

Sievers, William, 38, Capt., Co. I, resigned May 12, 1862.

Speckert, Francis, 17, Musician, mustered out Aug. 1862

Stengel, John, 22, Pvt. Co. A, mustered out Sept. 7, 1864

Stumpf, Ernest, 36, Pvt. Co. K, mustered out Sept. 7, 1864 in Co. I (Hessen)

Stumpf, Louis, 40, Musician, Co. K., mustered out Sept. 1862. ((Born Hesse-Darmstadt)

Thum, Charles, 34, Pvt. Co. B, mustered out Sept. 7, 1864 (born in Frankenberg, Saxony)

Urlan, Frederick, 18, Co. B, transferred to Veterans Reserve Corps

Urlan, Julius, Co. B, killed at Liberty Gap, Ga., June 24, 1863.

Urlan, William, 23, Capt., Co. D, resigned July 10, 1863 (Born Hesse-Kassel)

Vetter, Casper, 37, Pvt., Co. F, discharged for disability Sept. 13, 1923 (born at Stuttgart, Wuerttemberg)

Wolff, Robert A., 37, 1st. Lt., Co. F, resigned Apr. 17, 1863 (born in Elsterburg, Saxony) 1

Some of Louisville's Germans Who Served in Indiana Regiments during the Civil War

13th Indiana Infantry

Sohn,Charles, Pvt., Co. A, mustered in June 19, 1861, discharged.

22nd Indiana Infantry

Boss, Jacob, 22, Cpl., Co. G, mustered in Aug. 15, 1861, mustered out July 12, 1865.

Henry, George, 34, Pvt., Co. G, mustered in Aug. 15, 1861, killed at battle of Perryville, Ky. Oct. 8, 1862

Kantlingerer, George, Pvt., mustered in Aug. 15, 1861, Veteran, mustered out July 24, 1865.

Rusch, John, 23, Pvt., Co. G, mustered in Aug. 15, 1861, transferred to 1st Indiana Battery, Mar. 1862

Schuler, Peter, Pvt., Co. G,  mustered in Aug. 15, 1862.trans. to 1st IndianaBattery, March, 1862.

23rd Indiana Infantry

Wilkins, Frederick, 23, Sgt., Company B, promoted to Captain 1864, mustered out 1865

33rd Indiana Infantry

Frederick Beck, 22, pvt., Co. I, mustered in Sept. 16, 1861, mustered out Sept. 19, 1864

38th Indiana Infantry

Frank Dolfinger, Musician, Field & Staff , mustered in Sept. 18, 1861, mustered out Aug. 2, 1862

40th Indiana Infantry

Barth, George A., 48, Pvt., Co. I, mustered in Dec. 21, 1861, mustered out Jan. 15, 1985

143rd Indiana Infantry

Gross, John, 29, Co. D, Mustered in Feb. 10, 1865, deserted Feb. 24, 1865

12th Indiana Battery

Ruth, Henry, 39, Pvt., mustered in Sept. 10, 1862, mustered out July 17, 1985 1

A Louisville German in the 68th New York Infantry Regiment

1st Lt. Bertram Heinrich Karl Muetze

Courtesy of Barbara M. Sutton

1st Lt. Bertram Heinrich Karl Muetze traveled from his home in Louisville, Kentucky to New York City and enlisted in the 68th New York Infantry on August 16, 1861 while Kentucky was still neutral. The 68th was also known as the "Cameron Rifles" and the "2nd German Rifle Regiment."

Muetze was born at Marburg, in the Electorate of Hessen (Kurhessen)in 1837. He fought in both the Eastern and Western theaters and was a flag bearer for the regiment in the battle of Gettysburg, where he was wounded and captured fighting in von Gilsa's brigade of Barlow's 11th Corps division. His unit was transferred to Tennessee in October 1863. He mustered out on November 30, 1865 and returned to Louisville. 1

Kentucky Germans in 6th Ohio Infantry

Fenhoff, Andrew, residence , Covington, Ky., Andy Fenhoff enlisted June 5, 1861as a private in Company G, Sixth Regiment commanded by W. Getty. Discharged June 23, 1864. He contracted chronic diarhea by reason of exposure and hardship in said service.

Fenhoff, John, residence , Covington, Ky., John Fenhoff enlisted June 6, 1861 as a private, Co. B., commanded by Captain Horton, 23rd Regiment. Discharged June 22, 1864 and was transferred from the Sixth Ohio Volunteers. On January 2- , 1862 he was wounded at the Battle of Stones River by a gunshot through the left arm below the elbow joint, the ball - between the bones shattering one of them; "it affects the arm by stiffening and weakening it and in changes of weather pains and bothers me in labor." 1

Louisville Germans in 9th Ohio Infantry

Bauer, Jacob, Pvt. Co. B, killed at missionary Ridge Nov. 25, 1863 (Born at Eberstadt in Hesse-Darmstadt)

Beck, Jacob, Pvt. Co. K, wounded at Chickamauga, mustered out. (Born in Ohio to German parents from Baden)

Boss, John, Pvt. Co. B, discharged for disability July 23, 1862 (Born on Bern, Switzerland)

Funke, Karl, Pvt. , Co. D, killed at Chickamauga, Sept. 20, 1863.

Kutzleb, Anton, Pvt., Co. B, wounded at Chickamauga Sept. 19, 1863 and Missionary Ridge Nov. 25, 1863, left arm amputated, mustered out May 27, 1864. (Born Frankenhausen, Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt)

May, Pvt. William, Co. B, Wounded at Chickamauga, mustered out.

Mueller, Christian, Pvt, Co. C, wounded at Chickamauga, mustered out.

Reichmann, William, Pvt. Co. I, killed at Chickamauga, Sept. 20, 1863.

Schultz, Gustave A., Pvt. Co. A, mustered out June 7, 1864

Otto Schultz, Company A,

Stängel, William, Capt., Co. C, cashiered Aug. 28, 1862. Born Schwabisch Gmuend, Wuerrtemberg.

Edward Stremmel, Pvt. Co. A. Mustered out, June 7, 1864. Born at Minden in Westphalia (part of Prussia).

Newport , Ky. Germans in 9th Ohio Infantry

Poenitz, Hermann, Adjutant, mustered out June 7, 1864. (Born Leipzig, Saxony)

Beyland, Herman, Pvt., Co. A, mustered out. (Born Hamburg, Germany)

Covington, Ky. Germans in the 9th Ohio

Axer, Bernhard, Pvt., Co. K, Mustered out June 7, 1864. (Born in Prussia.)

Wachs, William, Co. A, Pvt., transferred to 36th Ohio Nov. 8, 1862. (Born in Prussia). 1

Kentucky Germans in the 121st Ohio Infantry Regiment

Erdman, Charles William, Pvt. Co. G, enlisted Aug. 27, 1862 while the regiment was encamped at Louisville. Wounded at Franklin, Tenn. 12/24/63, left arm amputated, discharged for disability 4/23/64. Born Holzminden, Kingdom of Brunswick. . 1

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