Kentucky's German Americans in the Civil War

German-born officers Louisville and Jefferson County

4th Ky. Cav.

Blume, Casper, 30, Capt. Co. G, resigned Dec. 22, 1862

Curtis, Rodolph, 44, 2nd Lt., Co. G, captured at Crawfish Springs, Ga., Sept. 21, 1863, reenlisted and transferred to
   4th Ky. Volunteer Cavalry Regt., mustered out Apr. 13, 1865

Cohn, Max, 24, 1st Lt, Company  E, captured at Crawfish Springs, Ga. Sept. 21, 1863, paroled May 1, 1865,
   mustered out Nov. 1, 1865.

Co. G, captured at Crawfish Springs, Ga., Sept. 21, 1863, reenlisted and transferred to 4th Ky. Veteran Volunteer
    Cavalry Regt., mustered out Apr. 13, 1865

Gunkel, John F., 34, Major, resigned Feb. 3, 1863

Koch, George, 22, Pvt., Co. E, prom. to 1st Lt. Co. K,
resigned Dec. 12, 1863

Pruess, Leopold, 32, Capt., Co. E, resigned Aug. 1, 1863

Ruckstuhl, Jacob, 33, Lt. Col., resigned May 8, 1863

Schaeffer, Henry, Capt., Co. E, dismissed Jan. 8, 1863

Shriver, William, 22, 1st Lt., Company, G resigned , 27, Capt. E, dismissed Jan. 8, 1863

Kurfiss, John, 24, Capt., B, honorably discharged Sept. 15, 1862


5th Kentucky Infantry

Ayars, Wiliam. H. H., 21, 2d.Lt.  Company E, Louisville, became captain Co. I, mustered ou Sept. 14, 1864

Lindenfelser, Stephen, Capt.,  Company E,, 39, Louisville, wounded at Stones River, mustered out Sept. 14, 1864

Reutlinger, Adolph, 2d.Lt.,  Company E, 29, Louisville, resigned Dec. 15, 1861

Scheible, John C., 1st.Lt .,  Company E, 36, Louisville, mustered out Sept. 14, 1864

Schweitzer, August, Capt., Company E, 42, Louisville, resigned Nov. 24, 1862

6th Kentucky Infantry

JOSEPH HAUPHOFF: m.i. 9/9/61,Capt., Company C, age 30, res. Louisville, resigned 5/28/62 at Corinth, Miss.

HENRY C. SCHMID: m.i. 9/9/61, Capt., Company C, age 25, res. Louisville, prom. 11/14/61 from Cpl. to Sgt.,
    5/29/62 to 2nd Lt., 2/12/63 to Capt., wounded 9/19/63 at Chickamauga, m.o. 9/23/64.

GERMAN DETWEILER: m.i. 9/9/61, 1st. Lt., Company C, age 35, res. Louisville, wounded 4/7/62 at Shiloh, resigned
    12/26/62 for disability (wound).

GUSTAV BOHN: 2nd Lt.,  m.i. 9/9/61, Company C, age 30, res. Louisville, resigned 1/21/62.

FREDERICH V. LOCKMAN: m.i. 9/9/61, 2nd Lt., Company Cage 28, res. Louisville, prom. 2/12/63 from Sgt. to
    2nd Lt., KIA 9/19/63 Chickamauga.

BERNHARD HUND: m.i. 12/24/61, Capt., Company E,  age 35, res. Louisville, resigned 12/23/62 (phthisis

WILLIAM FRANK: Capt., Company E, res. Louisville, wounded 12/31/62 at Stones River, prom. 9/1/63 from 1st Lt.,
   Company I, to Capt. Company E, m.o. 12/31/64.

JOHN SENSBACH: m.i. 12/24/61, 1st Lt.,  Company Eage 37, res. Louisville, resigned 11/8/62 (lack of adequate
   understanding of English).

LORENZ AMMON: m.i. 12/24/61, 1st Lt.  Company E, age 39, res. Louisville, prom. 2/1/62 from Sgt. to 1st Sgt.,
    5/23/62 to 2nd Lt., 11/8/62 to 1st Lt., det. duty 3/25/64–12/31/64 at Taylor Barracks in Louisville, m.o. 12/31/64.

ANTON HUND: m.i. 12/24/61, 2nd Lt., Company E, age 26, res. Louisville, wounded 4/7/62 at Shiloh, leg
   amputated, died 5/23/63 at Paducah, Ky. (wound).

PETER EMGE: m.i. 12/24/61, Capt., Company G, age 33, res. Louisville, died 5/11/62 at Louisville (bronchitis).

PETER MARKER: m.i. 12/24/61, Capt. Company G, age 32, res. Louisville, prom. 5/18/62 from 1st Lt. to Capt.,
   KIA 9/19/63 at Chickamauga.

GOTTFRIED RENTSCHLER: 12/24/61, Capt., Company G, res. Louisville, prom. 8/15/64 from Pvt. Company E to
   Capt. Company G, m.o. 3/1/65.

GEORGE MARKER: m.i. 12/24/61, 1st. Lt., Company G, age 26, res. Louisville, prom. 5/28/62 from 1st Sgt. to
   1st Lt., m.o. 12/31/64.

HENRY CANNING: m.i. 12/24/61, 2nd, Lt., Company G, age 30, res. Louisville, deserted 5/7/62 at Nichols’ Ford,

NICHOLAUS SEHR: m.i. 12/24/61, 2nd, Lt., Company G, age 27, res. Louisville, prom. 8/19/62 from Sgt. to
   2nd Lt., resigned 4/18/64 due to illness (chronic diarrhea).

August Stein: m.i. 12/24/61, Capt, Company I,  age 28, res. Louisville, wounded 4/7/62 at Shiloh, resigned
   12/1/63 (wound).

Friederich Nierhoff: m.i. 12/24/61, Capt, Company I, age 19, res. Louisville, prom. 3/10/62 from Sgt to 1st Sgt,
   prom. 5/31/64 to Capt. (to date from 5/11/64), KIA 6/23/64 near Kennesaw Mountain.

Dietrich Hesselbein: m.i. 12/24/61, Capt., Capt, Company I, age 40, res. Louisville, prom. 9/1/63 from 2nd Lt. to
    1st Lt. and 8/15/64 to Capt., m.o. 12/31/64.

22nd Kentucky

Gutig, Charles, 32, Capt., Company K, mustered out Jan. 20, 1865

Schweizer, Louis, 33, Capt., Company K, resigned Nov., 8, 1862

Wehrle, Gustav , 32, 1st Lt., Company K, mustered out Jan. 20, 1865

28th Kentucky

Barth, George W., 45, Maj. (commissioned as lieutenant colonel July 5, 1864 but never mustered), transferred to
    28th Ky. Vetreran Volunteer Infantry, mustered out Dec. 14, 1865

Obst, Charles, 46, 1st Lt. Co I, m. i. Jan. 4, 1862, resigned Aug. 22, 1862

34th Kentucky

Gruber, Charles A., Capt. Co. A, mustered out Jan 29, 1865

Louisville Provost Guard

Gruber, Charles A., 1st Lt., transferred to 34 Ky. Inf., mustered out Jan 29, 1865 DUPLICATER SEE 34TH KY.


Fischer, Dr. Charles A., Chaplain, resigned Oct. 9, 1862 (Born in Saxony)

Metzner, Adolph, 26, Capt. Co. K, mustered out Sept. 7, 1864 (Born in Baden)

Sievers, William, 38, Capt., Co. I, resigned May 12, 1862.

Urlan, William, 23, Capt., Co. D, resigned July 10, 1863 (Born Hesse-Kassel)

Wolff, Robert A., 37, 1st. Lt., Co. F, resigned Apr. 17, 1863 (born in Elsterburg, Saxony)


Staengel, William, Capt., Co. C, cashiered Aug. 28, 1862. Born Schwabisch Gmuend, Wuerrtemberg.


Muetze, 1st Lt. Bertram Heinrich Karl traveled from his home in Louisville, Kentucky to New York City and enlisted
    in the 68th New York Infantry on August 16, 1861 while Kentucky was still neutral. The 68th was also known as
    the "Cameron Rifles" and the "2nd German Rifle Regiment."

   Muetze was born at Marburg, in the Electorate of Hessen (Kurhessen)in 1837. He fought in both the Eastern and
   Western theaters and was a flag bearer for      the regiment in the battle of Gettysburg, where he was wounded
   and captured fighting in von Gilsa's brigade of Barlow's 11th Corps division. His unit was transferred to Tennessee in October 1863.
   He mustered out on November 30, 1865 and returned to Louisville.


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