Kentucky's German Americans in the Civil War

Unidentified Member of 6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry U.S

 Advertisement for 1st German Kentucky Regiment, October 1861, Louisville Anzeiger.  P. Marker, was promoted to captain and was killed by s shell at the Battle of Chickamauga, Sept 1863.

Recruiting ads for the 2nd Kentucky Volunteer Infantry; 34th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry; and 2nd Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, appearing in the Louisville Volksblatt, November 7, 1862. Courtesy of Mr. Lynn T. Harpring.

The War Department was having difficulty raising new troops in 1864 and was therefore conscripting men for military service. A drafted person could get out of military service if they furnished a substitute. The above advertisement by an attorney appeared in the Louisville Anzeiger (a German American newspaper) on November 1864. This attorney sought forty substitutes at a price of $600 each.

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